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Below you will find our general FAQs, followed by detailed information headings pertaining to our 'Event Submission Guidelines'; 'Tips for Great Posts'; 'Calendar Feeding Options'; 'Event Promotion Services'; and 'Advertising Options' with Visit St. John's.


What types of events can be listed?  

All types of events can be listed as long as they are community calendar friendly (no 'adult' content).  Free or paid entry events, small or large, cooking classes, workshops, performances, fundraisers, annual festivals, auditions, trivia nights, beer/wine tastings, outdoor adventures, live music, food and drink specials and much more are all permitted events. See our 'Event Submission Guidelines' heading below for more information and a listing of events categories we currently use.  


Who can upload events?

Anyone - individuals, organizations or businesses - as long as events are within the greater St. John's, NL area.


Can I upload events even if I’m not an official representative of a business or organization?

Yes. It is a community calendar, and it may take some time before all businesses and organizations are aware, and actively posting events (where possible, please also let organizations know about our calendar so they can get more of their events posted as well).  


How do I add an event(s)?

1) Add your events, one by one for free - just find the 'Submit Event' button on our Events page - see our 'Event Submission Guidelines' and 'Tips for Great Posts' heading below.

2) Send us a feed / link where we can import your calendar and events (e.g. Google or ICS).


What makes for a good event posting?

A short event title (three to five words - don't include the venue/location in the title, there is a separate field for this), an interesting description, a good category selection(s), a neighborhood selection / tag and a great image! The first 30 or so words are what will be visible without an additional click, so write your event description to draw people in from the start.  You can add links, photos, video and more.  See our 'Event Submission Guidelines' and 'Tips for Great Posts' headings below as well.


Should we we use for our own calendar needs?

We recommend using hands down. You can create your own calendar for your site and manage your own events, make changes that will sync to our calendar, categorize types of event, integrate the calendar with ease on your site or blog and much more. gives you a great calendar and events management - it will save time and your customers/staff will appreciate the ability to view/add interesting events. To get your own free calendar go to


Does it cost anything to submit an event to Visit St. John's?

Currently there is no cost to post a single, regular event.  However, if you would like to post numerous events, or have your event 'Featured' (e.g. we have a special featured area, we will promote featured events automatically on Twitter, plus featured events may get a special mention in our 'Weekly Events Newsletter').  Or should you wish to advertise on our site, there are paid options that help to cover our ongoing operating expenses while bringing your event or business to the top.  See 'Event Promotion Services' and 'Advertising Options' headings below. 


Do you offer other services for event promotion?

Yes, see our 'Event Promotion Services' and 'Advertising Options' headings below.  We offer a package that include additional social media promotion, including scheduled Tweets, Facebook posts, social media give-away campaigns, blogger outreach, featured events, promoted blog posts - we are also interested in any ideas you may have.  We view ourselves as community partners and can work with you no matter your event type or budget - that way we grow together.





Events must include a photo or graphic.  Event descriptions must be 30 words or more, written in normal upper and lower case, or what is called sentence case, written as an event announcement (please, don't copy and paste a press release), written as an event (versus an ad) and free of grammatical and spelling errors. We reserve the right to edit or reject any event, for any reason we find reasonable.


What makes an event an event?

The Visit St. John's Events page features a community / tourism events calendar with events submitted by people, organizations, businesses.  People define events differently though, so for the purpose of our calendar an event is required to have a beginning and end, and must occur in a physical location/venue. 

An event should also be special and require some degree of planning and promotion from the organizer.  Particularly for restaurants, bars and pubs, please be attentive here.  Happy hour or regular dinner specials are not events for purposes of our Events page - but we DO and can include these prominently on our Places to Eat page.  However a special dinner service that happens only once a year may be, and would likely be featured on our Events page (for example a special New Years Eve dinner with entertainment, or some other special dinner service with a popular live band would be an Event).  Regardless, all you need to do is submit it on any of our pages using the "Submit Event" button and we will determine the best placement.


What types / categories of Events can be posted (for use on both the 'Events' page and 'Places to Eat' page)?

The below list is not intended to be exhaustive, but provides you with a good overview:

Arts and Culture: art gallery openings, classes, art shows, author readings, book clubs, literacy training, knitting groups, demos, craft fairs, auditions, dinner theatres, performances, plays, openings, high school musical productions, live music, choral groups, special concerts, and more.

Charitable Events: Charitable events, fundraisers and more.

Conferences and Exhibits: conferences, workshops, home shows, Christmas craft shows and other exhibits.

Family and Kids: family friendly festivals, teddy bear picnics, kid friendly cultural/sports events, children's fundraising events, circus/fairs, etc.

Food and Drink Events: dining / drink specials, culinary events, restaurant specials, foodie events, brewery events, food trucks, craft beer nights, pub crawls, wine shows, wings, burgers, get ‘screeched-in’ nights and more!

Free Events: these can be events sponsored by business / organizations to say thank-you to the community, benefit/fundraising events, club meetings, food bank donation events, parades, annual city days events, and many more.

Nightlife and Entertainment: live music, concerts, music festivals, comedy club events, movies, trivia-nights, karaoke, game nights, and more. 

Sports and Wellness: community sports games, races, yoga in the park events, special fitness events (i.e. Juggernaut), kayaking and more!

Unique / Other Events: events that don't quite fit into one of the above categories, but that still may be of interest to the greater community or tourists.  For example, this may include "Midnight Madness Sales" events, grand opening specials, certain tours/hikes that don't fit other categories, and many other events.


Please don't post things like:

  • Board meetings (except for maybe larger public / government organizations that may be of interest to the greater community and/or tourists)

  • Primary, Elementary, High school specific events (e.g. soccer practices, parent-teacher interviews, assemblies, non-production school plays, etc.)

  • Amateur / hobby sports team practices and game schedules

  • Regular, weekly club/committee/group meetings and/or congregational worship times (however, larger annual events may be permitted)

We want events the larger community and tourists will be interested in - think macro-sized events - not micro.



You and your team spend so much time, thoughtfulness and consideration to make your events the best possible for your guests. And we have a great place for showcasing your hard work and great events. Here are some tips when you’re posting event submissions with 'Visit St. John's'.

Please do - do write a friendly, welcoming, descriptive introduction.  Pay special attention to the first 30 words as this is what shows up prominently on our site.  Remember that the person seeing your event is not on your site and may not know your organization well - so help them to get to know you.  Add a photo or graphic to stand out from the crowd. If you have a PDF or JPG for your event, you can upload this.  Use upper and lower case for your event titles, versus ALL CAPS.  Select a neighborhood in the categories section that tells you where your event will be held, versus whom the event is for  (i.e. You should only pick one neighborhood for an event. Make sure your event is an event, especially for restaurants and bars. For example, “Stop on by and eat (or buy) our stuff” is not an event; however “Come sample xyz from this time to that time on abc date” would be.  Do follow the form and fill in all applicable fields where possible.

Please don’t - don't include the venue in the headline. (our calendar tool does this automatically).  Don't use words such as “tomorrow,” “Friday” or “this afternoon” in your headlines. The calendar will do its job in this regard.  Do not fill in the form fields with information that does not fit / that is not applicable.

And the best tip of all: Get your own calendar. It can be your calendar for your website or blog, and you’ll have the beauty of the layout, photos, categories and more. It will also reduce your workload (compared to other calendars) - also other sites, like Visit St. John's, can easily pull your events for further promotion if invited.


We can pull events directly from your calendar. This will save you time and bring more exposure to your events. Your calendar just needs have a calendar feed. No calendar feed? No problem: upgrade your calendar by following the steps below.

  1. Get a Calendar from either:

    • timely-logo-300           googlecalendar

  2. Send us a link to your Calendar:  Email us at with your calendar address and we can add your events automatically to our site

  3. Create Events: Once we link to your calendar, every event you create on your own calendar can automatically be imported to Interested in getting more exposure? Email Us to get your event featured.  See our 'Event Promotion Services' and 'Advertising Options' below.


Interested in event promotions with Visit St. John's?  Send us a message on our Contact Us page or email us at with your contact details and we will be sure to get back to you (or) check out some of our popular services below:


'Featured Event' Promotion Option:

If you are interested in a one-time promotion of your event, you can have it 'featured' in rotation at the top of our 'Events' or 'Places to Eat' page (up to 30 days) for a one-time fee of $50.  For this fee, we will also auto-tweet your event to over 1,800+ people on Twitter the day of the event.  Simply click below and complete payment after adding your event through the regular process and we will take care of the rest:


Banner Advertising - Special Offer

  • Your ad will be featured on any one of our sites primary landing pages of your choice (if no choice provided, we will choose one)  

  • Update your ad at any time (simply provide us with a new graphic by email)

  • Request to move your ad to another landing page / rotate it to another page at any time (simply email us your request)

  • Ad size: 728 x 90px or 240 x 200px (email us if you prefer to explore using a different size ad)

    • include your hyperlink for the ad

Cost = $300 / year  

Size of Ad
Email us at: to explore any of our Event Promotion Services (or) Advertising Options in further detail.  We are happy to help and look forward to working together to make your event a success.
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